Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Tip: Flaxseed Oil


Flaxseed oil is one of the healthier culinary oil. It is full of essential fatty acids and carries a potent anti-oxidant which can help in fibromyalgia pain relief.

What is Flax Seed Oil

Flaxseed oil, or linseed oil, is the oil extracted from the flax plant. In the past, flax seed oil is used for many purposes, such as painting and textile manufacturing. In recent years, it was introduced as a supplement or as a food ingredient. More recently, experts discovered that flax seed oil is a good source of the Alpha Linolenic-Acid, an important building block of Omega 3.

How Does Flax Seed Oil Help In Fibromyalgia Pain Relief?

As mentioned, flax seed oil is a source of anti-inflammatory Omega 3. Our body converts Omega 3 to prostaglandins which helps to relieve inflammation in the body. Although fibromyalgia is not an inflammatory disease, relieving any other inflammation can help to reduce pain in fibromyalgia.

Medical experts also discovered that the flax seed oil contains several other essential fatty acids like Omega 6 and Omega 9. These fatty acids are essential to our body because they form major components of our cell membrane. Hence, it is important that we include these fatty acids in our diet in order to not develop a deficiency.

Aside from essential fatty acids, flax seed oil is also a good source of lignan, an effective anti-oxidant found in plants and animals. Flax seed is among the best sources of lignans in plants. The chemical compound is very effective in boosting one’s energy level while also helping to strengthen the immune system. Both benefits can help improve the chronic pain syndrome in patients.

How To Use Flax Seed Oil For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief?

Since there is still no known cure of fibromyalgia as of yet, the best approach to improving your condition is to manage its painful symptoms. This is where flax seed oil can be useful as it helps to target the inflammation of the tendons and joints and helps to ease the soreness and swelling. One can take the oil directly, use it as cooking oil or as a salad dressing.


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