Can Alexander Technique Help Fibromyalgia


Alexander Technique is a process of conditioning your body in a way that it will reduce stress to your muscles. This technique is believed to help treat musculoskeletal conditions. So can Alexander technique help fibromyalgia?

What Is Alexander Technique?

Frederick Alexander developed Alexander technique in 1890. He was a theater actor who discovered that he could no longer speak loudly in theater. Doctors who examined Alexander cannot find any physical cause for the damage in his voice.

Not wanting to give up his dream to be an actor, he found ways on how to fix his problem. He found out that the problem had something to do with how he used his muscles. So he started examining his posture in the mirror and realized that when he talks, he is absentmindedly tensing his muscles. This also makes his posture shift in an unnatural way. By deliberately imitating the way other actors move, Alexander end up abandoning the natural way in which his body moves and function.

Consequently, Alexander started to consciously unlearn his natural and habitual movements. He simply let his body work the way it is suppose to. Hence, by doing so, he managed to cure the damage to his voice.

Can Alexander Technique Help Fibromyalgia

There have been a lot of debates on whether Alexander Technique is effective for other health problems. There are good peer-reviewed trials and testing that were done for conditions like asthma and fibromyalgia. However, most of the established medical authorities see it as an experimental treatment. Yet, this does not mean that they do not recommend it. Some doctors do suggest using the technique for helping people with musculoskeletal pain. There are also evidences that show that such technique is beneficial to those with chronic pain.

One of the most recent studies of such technique done by UK NHS Choices. The organization found that the technique is indeed effective in treating long term back or neck pains. It can also cure Parkinson’s diseases. However, the same study noted that there is little evidence to suggest that it can work for other conditions.

There are still insufficient evidence to suggest that Alexander technique can work for fibro patients. Unfortunately, almost all possible treatments for fibromyalgia are not officially recognized in the medical world. Nevertheless this does not mean that the therapy will not help you as every individual respond differently to various treatments.


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