New York State Department of Health report says recreational cannabis should be legalized


New York governor Andrew Cuomo appears to be warming up to the idea of legal cannabis.

Today, he released a document by the state health department declaring that recreational use of weed should be permitted.

The 74-page reprt found that the positive effects outweighed the negatives.

Cuomo is seeking reelection later this year.

In the past, the Democratic Party politician has called pot a “gateway drug”, according to the Forbes website.

The report was released less than 24 hours after New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker announced a new regulation that enables medical cannabis to be prescribed to patients who would be eligible for opiod medication.

Recreational cannabis use is already legal in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska, Colorado, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine.

New York is one of several states that have legalized medicinal cannabis.


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