5 Reasons to use the SmartJane™ Vaginal Screening Test. I’m glad I did. A SmartJane Review


This post was written by Tara Langdale, the inventor of VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilators. VuVa Dilators have helped over 11,000 women who suffer from painful intercourse. To learn more about VuVa Vaginal Dilators visit www.vuvatech.com 

So I ordered a SmartJane™ test and I am a happy I did.

I have been dealing with vaginal fissures that I thought we from my Vulvodynia, but I was wrong. I have read so many posts about women having fissures and never thought that is was anything other than a symptom of my Vulvodynia.

I went to the gyno and he gave me Premarin Cream to put on the area two times a week for 3 months. A complete waste of time and money after getting my SmartJane test results back.

I decided to get the SmartJane™ test and to see for myself what was going on. It came back that I had Bacterial Vaginosis. I had absolutely symptoms of this besides the fissures that I was told was caused by Vulvodynia. The fissures were actually caused by the BV!

So this would be the third diagnosis that I have found on my own after researching and private testing. Who needs doctors???….I find more out on my own.

They also have a SmartGut test, which told me I had a mild case of Crohn’s Disease. I just had an endoscopy and colonoscopy and was told everything looked fine and to just take antacid medication. Like I said,  who needs doctors anymore.

The inclusive vaginal health check.

SmartJane™ is the first women’s health screening test to simultaneously check multiple conditions – including HPV, STIs and other vaginal factors – all from one sample.

Using their patented precision sequencing™ technology, as well as our proprietary algorithms, the test genotypes 14 high-risk HPV strains, 5 low-risk HPV strains, 4 common STIs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and mycoplasma genitalium). SmartJane also measures 23 other vaginal flora.

SmartJane does not screen for cancer and is not intended to replace traditional Pap smears or well woman visits. SmartJane is only available with a valid lab test order from a healthcare provider.

Five reasons to order a SmartJane Test today:

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Detects high-risk HPV strains

SmartJane tests for HPV, which is associated with cervical cancer and precancerous cervical lesions1. We detect the two most common strains (HPV-16 and HPV-18), as well as twelve additional strains.

1 Audirac-Chalifour et al., 2016, Lee et al., 2013

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Detects low-risk HPV strains

such as HPV-6 and HPV-11. These strains are responsible for about 90% of genital warts, but they rarely develop into cancer.

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Reveals your flora balance

SmartJane can tell you about your vaginal flora balance. An imbalance is associated with conditions such as bacterial vaginosis (BV), a common vaginal infection2.

2 Onderdonk et al., 2016, Srinivasan et al., 2012

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Identifies microbial co-factors

Certain bacteria are associated with HPV infection3. SmartJane provides information on these unique co-factors and how they relate to your health.

3 Mitra et al., 2016, Mitra et al., 2015



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