The Dangers Of Mixing Tobacco And Weed


Millions of people across the world enjoy smoking cigarettes and rely on tobacco in some way to get them through the day. The same could be said for weed, although the effects it brings are obviously different. There’s something about the ritual of lighting up and smoking that both bring to the table, so why not mix them?

While it’s not common in the US, people in other countries mix the two together for a unique experience. In fact, up to 90% of people in Europe do this. But did you know there are dangers of mixing tobacco and weed? Let’s find out why, and explore other alternatives.

Mixing Tobacco And Weed Is An Experience

The primary reason that people smoke tobacco is for the effects of nicotine. It gives feelings similar to an “opioid”, bringing relaxation and a calm effect. When you combine this with the high from THC, it can be incredible. While your high ends up being pretty intense, it can fade quickly. This often leads people to crave a cigarette after, especially if they are a frequent tobacco user.

What’s interesting about mixing tobacco and weed is that it’s popular in countries that don’t have a wide variety of cannabis products. In the United States, one can get their hands on edibles, oilstinctures, and more. In Europe, as an example, these products aren’t readily available. This leads consumers to mix tobacco and weed to obtain variety.

What Are The Dangers?

One of the main concerns of mixing weed and tobacco has to do with the harmful nature of nicotine. Cigarettes come with a filter to prevent toxins from entering into your lungs, but mixing the two in a joint doesn’t provide the same safeguard. Aside from what you inhale, tobacco also causes a variety of cancers.

When a cigarette smoker smokes, typically they don’t stop at just one. Mixing tobacco and weed can tend to have the same effect, making you want to smoke joint after joint. This can lead to a massive head rush and an unpleasant experience. Scientists find that mixing weed and tobacco actually increases the levels of THC in your system, so it’s easier to overdo it.

Other Alternatives

While mixing weed and tobacco certainly sounds like a good time, it makes sense to avoid it. If you live in the US, try experimenting with other types of products to change it up. Explore an edible or lather on a lotion. You’d be surprised how many ways you can get high aside from using flower.

Individuals who don’t have as much access to other products should take pause before mixing weed and tobacco. While it probably won’t cause serious or immediate health risks, the dangers are still present. Many are fooled into thinking that cannabis counteracts the negatives of tobacco, but that’s not quite true. In most cases, it’s smart to keep the two separate. Remember, the dangers of mixing weed and tobacco are real, so stick to one or the other at a time.


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