After Being Given 18 Months To Live, A Man Is Cured Of Cancer By Cannabis Oil

David Hibbitt at home in Silverdale, Staffs. A cancer patient who was told he only had 18 months to live has been given the all clear after claiming he was cured by taking -- CANNABIS OIL. See NTI story NTICURE. David Hibbitt, 33, has spent the last two-and-a-half years battling bowel cancer after being diagnosed with the disease in July 2012. The former warehouse worker had various forms of treatment, but last year decided to stop having chemotherapy and take cannabis oil instead, in the hope it would save his life. Now the father-of-one, says he has been cancer-free since his last scan in January and is looking forward to the future.

The revolution concerning the profound benefits of medicinal marijuana is unstoppable, despite the idiocy of Chuck Rosenberg, our current Acting Administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Obviously, he represents the same bureaucratic cabal as the rest of his cohorts in Washington, D.C. Since the early 70s “War on Drugs,” they’ve put a lot of people in jail who had a little weed in their back pocket.

That’s because the DEA ruled then, and to this day continues to proclaim, that marijuana must be classified as a Schedule-1 drug, along with heroin, peyote and LSD. Liars sometimes just sound plain stupid, like Rosenberg did in November, 2015. As reported by the Washington Post, the acting DEA chief basically said that “medicinal marijuana… has never been shown to be safe or [as] effective as a medicine.”

Those words would be shocking to David Hibbitt, a UK resident who was told that at the age of 30 he would be dead within a year and a half when his bowel cancer spread.

According to Natural News, his first instinct was the conventional treatments – surgery, radiation and chemotherapy – but those did not work.

That’s when Mr. Hibbitt decided to take control of his treatments. He turned to cannabis oil. Today, three years later, he has formed the David Hibbitt Foundation to help other cancer patients understand that there are alternative cancer treatments and he wants to help people find them.

Natural News reported that Hibbitt was able to procure a high-potency cannabis oil, “commonly referred to as ‘Phoenix Tears.’”

This is also the name of a book written by Rick Simpson describing how, in 2003, Mr. Simpson discovered that when he applied cannabis oil to his patches of basal skin cell carcinoma, the cancer went away. The revolution continues.

The State of Ohio recently became the 25th state in the Union to allow medical marijuana. That means half of the population of America now has access to this extraordinary plant that can heal the earth’s soil and the human biomass.

There are many incredible stories of individuals of all ages that have moved across the country to find compassionate doctors who have not bought into the cancer industry paradigm. Here are a few to research:

Michelle Aldrich, Kelly Hauf and the brave family of the little Cash Hyde, who at the age of four succumbed to the disease, but had tremendous periods of renewal, love and health when his family turned to cannabis oil.

Cure Your Own Cancer has a list of 34 peer reviewed studies on cures from cancer which are all linked to cannabis. The message is clear.

Marijuana is a herb given to the earth and mankind for healing and comfort through many diseases, PTSD, seizures, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, glaucoma, digestion problems, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, depression and so much more.

And while you’re fighting the power, keep in mind that in 2001, the U.S. Health and Human Services took out a patent on certain “cannabinoids found within the cannabis sativa plant as useful in certain neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and HIV dementia.”

Hey, we won’t be fooled again, right?



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