Mykayla Comstock 6 Years Cancer Free!


In August 2018, Mykayla Comstock (now 13 years old) will celebrate 6 years CANCER FREE thanks to cannabis medicine.

In 2012, she was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia and immediately started chemo. Over the next 2 weeks, her lymphoblast numbers would drop right after treatment, but then climb back even higher by 3 days after treatment. The doctors were concerned.

Mikayla started full extract cannabis oil treatment about 3 weeks into chemo. Immediately, her appetite returned and she started to smile again. But, what is most remarkable, one week after starting the cannabis treatments, Mykayla’s bone marrow and blood were COMPLETELY free of cancerous cells. She was in remission!

Today, Mykayla is healthy and celebrating that precious milestone of 5 years cancer-free. Congrats Mykayla!!


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