5 Reasons Why Mixing Cannabis With Other Drugs is a Bad Idea

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People mix weed with other drugs for a range of reasons, whether they think it will help with the comedown after a big night on pills or maybe to intensify the high of another substance. While it can seem harmless enough, combining cannabis with other drugs is never a good idea as the results can be dangerous and unpredictable. Here’s why:

1. It can make things worse

People say they use cannabis to try and alleviate the symptoms of a nasty comedown after using ecstasy. After a big night out, ecstasy can cause people to feel depressed, tired, and have sleep problems as it leaves the system. Although some say smoking weed helps to mellow them out, the results are not always predictable and can have the opposite effect than those anticipated. People mixing cannabis and ecstasy can experience paranoia and increased trouble sleeping, which is hardly ideal when your system is crying out for rest.

2. Combining stimulants with cannabis

Among its many actions, marijuana is a depressant, so it lowers arousal and stimulation in the brain. It can wreak havoc when combined with a stimulant like cocaine or amphetamines, because it puts the body under a great deal of stress. Mixed messages to speed things up and slow them down are sent to vital organs, such as the heart and lungs, and this can lead to rapid heartrate, elevated blood pressure and even breathing problems as the effects compound.

3. Weed and depressants

Mixing weed with other depressants like alcohol can amplify the effects of both drugs, and again put the body under considerable strain. It can cause increased tolerance, meaning you’ll need more and more of one substance to feel the same effects. Combining weed with alcohol can cause vomiting and nausea, and it can also trigger psychosis in those people who are predisposed to it.

4. Cannabis and tobacco

Two thirds of Aussies mix their weed with tobacco, but many don’t realise that in doing so, they are actually increasing the health harms of both. Mixing cannabis with tobacco can lead to dependence on two drugs, and chronic use can also cause serious lung conditions, including cancer.

5. Pushing boundaries

Mixing cannabis with another drug can intensify the high and lead to risk-taking behaviours, as inhibitions and self-control are lowered. With a stronger high than anticipated, the ability to make good decisions is diminished, and users can get themselves into potentially life-threatening situations.

The flip side is that combining weed with other drugs can also dull the effects of the other substance, which may lead the user to take more of the other substance, sometimes to dangerous levels.

The bottom line is, when you mix cannabis with another substance you’re taking a big gamble with your health.


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