Harrowing picture of 15-year-old girl fighting for life after smoking deadly Spice drug to ‘look cool’


This harrowing picture shows a 15-year-old girl fighting for her life in hospital after smoking the deadly drug Spice to look “cool” in front of her friends.

Sharon Howe’s mum released the shocking picture to warn others of the dangers of the drug, which forced doctors to give her daughter a 30% chance of survival.

The teenager started convulsing and foaming at the mouth after she smoked Spice, the former legal high said to be 1,000 times stronger than cannabis.

After being offered the synthetic drug by a group of older boys, Sharon collapsed at home and was rushed to Lancaster Royal Infirmary, where she was put into an induced coma due to her having so many seizures.

Sharon Howe's mum Cheryl began planning her daughter's funeral after she was given a 30% chance of survival

Her mother Cheryl even began planning the youngster’s funeral after doctors said her condition didn’t look good.

But Sharon came out of her coma after 40 hours, made a miraculous recovery and is now back home in Morecambe.

Sharon was in a coma for 40 hours after she collapsed

Mrs Howe, 34, issued the photo of her daughter lying unconscious in hospital to raise awareness about the danger of Spice – also called K2 – which is a mixture of herbs sprayed with a chemical to produce a similar sensation to marijuana.

The drug is highly addictive and has claimed a number of lives.

Mrs Howe said: “At the time Sharon was gravely ill and doctors were telling me I might have to prepare for the worst.

“Preparing for your child’s death is something no mother should ever have to do.

Sharon smoked what she thought was marijuana when she was offered it by some older boys

“These drugs can be deadly and I hope the picture of my daughter in hospital will ram home that message to other parents.”

Sharon, then a pupil at Carnforth High School, had gone out with friends and was offered what appeared to be a marijuana joint.

But the spliff was laced with ‘Spice’ and Sharon collapsed after she returned home at the end of the evening.

Mrs Howe said: “I found Sharon lying on her bedroom floor and convulsing, foaming at the mouth with her eyes rolled back into her head.

Sharon's mum Cheryl said it was a "living nightmare" to see her daughter in hospital

“I was in a complete state of shock – my mum pushed past me and put Sharon in the recovery position while I called 999.

“We noticed at the time that her clothes smelled like plastic – it wasn’t until later we learned that was the smell of Spice after it had been burnt.

“We rushed Sharon to hospital and doctors were asking me what she had taken and how long she’d had a problem.

Sharon's mum said the family wept tears of relief when the 15-year-old woke from her coma

”I was taken completely aback. I hadn’t a clue she could be dabbling with drugs.

“It was a living nightmare seeing Sharon covered in wires, with machines beeping around her.

“Thankfully, she rallied and doctors brought her out of the coma because tests were showing she would be all right.

“When she woke up, we all wept tears of relief.”

Sharon was discharged from hospital after three days of treatment.

Her mum added: “I was disappointed in Sharon but I didn’t blame her – she’s a teenager, and they make mistakes.

“She’s turned her life around now and is attending college.

“She may have put us through some rough times, but I’m very proud of her.”


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