Pet Deaths And Cancer Linked To ‘Over Vaccinating’ Study Finds


Over vaccinating pets like cats and dogs can result in a wide range of diseases and disorders including autism and cancer according to a new study published by a U.S. Veterinary journal.

According to the study, veterinarians are often guilty of “over-prescribing vaccines to maximize profits“ which causes many pets to become ill.

Annual pet vaccinations have become a massive industry vaccine companies can make a lot of money.

However, according to a group of vets, the revenue is created under misleading information leads to serious health problems among peoples pets.

A group of Vets has likewise issued a Health Warning, advising animal owners to stop lining the pockets of vaccine business:

“The present practice of marketing vaccinations for buddy animals may constitute scams by misrepresentation, scams by silence and theft by deception.”

As far as Big Pharma is concerned, a fool and his loan are easily parted, and pet owners are proving as simple to trick as young parents.

Problems with over vaccinating

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Similar to vaccinations for human beings, the number of arranged treatments cats and dogs now receive actually skyrocketed compared to previous generations.

Unsurprisingly, domestic cats and pet dogs have never suffered as many illnesses as they do now.

” 22,000 cats establish cancer at the site of vaccination every year in the USA. American felines are now being vaccinated in the tail or leg so that they can suffice off when it becomes cancerous,” states

Cancer in domestic cats has now reached epidemic proportions because of over vaccinating.

The vaccine industry claims “correlation does not imply causation”, but a degree of good sense is required here.

How many tails and legs must be cut off before Vets will begin to confess the vaccinations they are pressing are high-risk?

If these figures aren’t telling enough, a further study claims that “Sixty-six percent of all ill canines start being sick within three months of vaccination.”

And jeopardized immune systems are merely the start.

Vaccines are likewise responsible for triggering a range of chronic illness to take hold, among them autoimmune hemolytic anemia, thyroid disease, arthritis, and parvovirus.



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