Three (More) Fatal Mistakes when Germinating Cannabis Seeds


If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll know we recently published a piece on how to destroy your cannabis plants, before even getting them off the ground. Or more accurately, a handful of the most common and potentially deadly mistakes when germinating cannabis seeds.

The thing is, we quickly realised after publishing the post that there were several more rookie errors we felt it necessary to share. Marijuana seed germination being a relatively simple process, but one that’s also simple to get completely and utterly wrong.

So following on from our previous post, here’s a brief overview of three more fatal mistakes to avoid when germinating marijuana seeds:

Germinating directly in soil

First up, it’s natural to assume that as cannabis plants are so durable, they can pretty much take care of the germination process themselves. Hence, thousands of amateur growers simply throw their seeds directly in the substrate, expecting germination to happen like magic and strong marijuana plants to grow as a result. To be frank, you’d be better-off not bothering in the first place – this method almost always results in failed germination.

There’s a reason why every professional cannabis cultivation guide begins with the germination of seeds using an entirely different medium to the final substrate. Peat plugs, kitchen towels, a simple glass of water – all far better for kickstarting cannabis success stories than soil. It’s not to say it’s impossible to germinate cannabis seeds directly in soil. It’s just nine times out of 10, you’ll be wasting your time and money.

Planting multiple seeds in the same pot

Though not strictly part of the initial germination process, it’s also important to consider the transplantation of the freshly-sprouted seedlings. Particularly if you are struggling for available space, you may be tempted to stick a whole bunch of seedlings in the same small pot. Unfortunately, just as soon as the plants’ roots begin to develop and compete for both space and nutrients, it’s going to have a hugely detrimental effect on their health and output.

Theoretically, there’s no such thing as giving cannabis plants too much space in which to grow and thrive. Particularly as they reach maturity, things like air circulation, light penetration and access to key nutrients really will make all the difference. By planting your seedlings too close together, you’re effectively setting yourself up for substandard results. If not, outright failure.

Planting seeds incorrectly

Last but not least, don’t fall into the trap of assuming there’s no right or wrong way of planting cannabis seeds. Along with ensuring they are provided with the ideal medium and appropriate atmospheric conditions, you also need to ensure that every cannabis seed is positioned appropriately. If you take a closer look at your marijuana seeds, you’ll see that one end of the oval shape forms a point, while the other has a small crater known as a ‘crown’. In this case, you should always ensure that the pointy end is facing down, with the crown at the top – which should be easy enough to remember!

Get it wrong and the tap-root will emerge from the top of the seed and the seedling from the bottom. Not necessarily a death sentence for your seedlings, but a sure-fire way of making things far more difficult than they need to be.Simply tossing seeds into a growing medium and hoping for the best can work, but it’s inadvisable and unnecessary. Take the time to germinate your seeds carefully and they’ll reward you in kind, sooner or later!


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